We Take Online Orders!


Are you traveling and want to take some of our yummy dim sum with you? Want to make sure we have specific items in stock? Or perhaps you have a large order you need to have prepared in advance? Whatever the reason may be, we can prepare your order ahead of time! 


For more details about what we carry,
take a look at our PRODUCT LIST.


Orders are taken by phone at 604-873-2233 or online using the order form below. You can also email us directly at gahlokdimsum -at- gmail -dot- com.

Sorry, we do not accept debit or credit cards. Payment in cash or cheque will have to be made at the time of pick-up. 


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Please write the item description and quantity. Our dumplings are generally packaged in quantities of 20 or 50. For more details, please see our PRICE LIST.
(Recommended for customers who won't get home in less than 2 hours.)
(For long distance travel only.)